Trevor Portrait.jpeg


Brewer, Owner

Began Brewing: 2014

Favorite Style: Sour - Gose or Saison

Quote: Nobody wants to drink a "good" beer

Trevor is the idea man.  If you need a ridiculous beer name, look no further.  His creativity is definitely his strong suit, but he also shines through by completing the menial tasks that every business is required to finalize. Trevor has faced much adversity in the beer industry, and none of this would have come together without him.


Head of Brewing Operations

Began Brewing: 2011

Favorite Style: Always evolving - currently "Sour IPA"

Quote: "Some of my favorite memories were forgotten because of beer."

Jesse is the action behind the ideas. We joke that we only keep him around because he is the neat freak and won't shy away from doing the dirty work.  However, his creativity, vision, and ability to follow up on both make him an integral part of our team.

Jesse Portrait.jpg
Winston Portrait.JPG


Head Brew-Pup

Doesn't know what brewing is

Favorite Style: He's only 14 in dog years...

Quote: "Woof"

Winston is a Shar Pei-Shepard mix. Jesse got him in 2016 from Tennessee 14 weeks after his birthday (August 19). Winnie enjoys spending time with his humans and meeting new dog friends. He may bark at you, but he's a little scaredy-cat and is more likely to lick you to death than bite.